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Brand New ~ Limited Edition ~ Exclusive


Especially embroidered with the Julie Taboulie brand mark makes it a collectible cooking tool to treasure for years to come.


For centuries, Lebanese culture have been making and straining yogurt in to a thick, rich and creamy yogurt called Labneh! With soft white peaks like the snow-capped tops of Mount Lebanon, Labneh is a smooth and spreadable cheese-like yogurt with fewer calories and higher protein content than store-bought yogurt and cream cheese. It’s made by straining unstrained yogurt (called Laban in Lebanese) in a muslin cotton cloth bag to strain the liquid whey, removing it from the milk solids and the result is an absolutely delicious and nutritious tangy thick yogurt that is incredibly tasty!


Complimentary gift wrapping from Julie Taboulie – our treat!

We’re happy to offer complimentary gift wrapping. Whether you are gifting to yourself or giving to someone else, our thoughtful gesture makes your gift that much more special to receive.


Julie Taboulie Yogurt Straining Muslin Bag

  • The Julie Taboulie Yogurt Straining Muslin Bag, is a traditional cooking tool that has been specifically designed to successfully strain unstrained yogurt into a thicker, tangier, richer and creamier strained spreadable yogurt, called Labneh.


    Today, Julie Taboulie brings the best-of-the-best design basics to her yogurt straining muslin bag which is based upon the identical bag that Julie’s mother has handmade for her that she uses as an award-winning professional chef, as seen on her hit TV shows, and in her bestselling cookbook. This is the only yogurt straining bag that you will ever need in your kitchen!


    Created with the home cook to the professional chef in mind, this custom handmade bag is crafted from 100% percent unbleached cotton muslin cloth. This thick coarse cloth is made of the highest quality standards and tightly woven fine fabric perfectly filters out the liquid whey from the milk solids performing far better than any other cloth, cheesecloth, or nylon bags. Features 200 thread count, tight weave, fine fabrics, light weight, soft to the touch yet strong texture makes it the select choice of cloth, ideal to successfully strain yogurt with each use and sturdy enough to be hand washed and re-used.


    Specifically, custom sized to 16” x 16.” Features an extra-large opening which enables you to easily fold the top of the bag over the rim of a standard-size colander, covering the entire circumference, so that you can simply pour or ladle your unstrained yogurt directly into the bag with no spillage. The premium quality muslin bag features a strong cotton drawstring enabling you to easily twist and tie the bag tightly to secure straining with no leakage.


    The Julie Taboulie Yogurt Straining Muslin Bag is custom created for 2-gallon capacity.

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