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Especially embroidered with the Julie Taboulie brand mark makes it a collectible cooking tool to treasure for years to come.


For centuries, Lebanese culture have been making and straining yogurt in to a thick, rich and creamy yogurt called Labneh! With soft white peaks like the snow-capped tops of Mount Lebanon, Labneh is a smooth and spreadable cheese-like yogurt with fewer calories and higher protein content than store-bought yogurt and cream cheese. It’s made by straining unstrained yogurt (called Laban in Lebanese) in a muslin cotton cloth bag to strain the liquid whey, removing it from the milk solids and the result is an absolutely delicious and nutritious tangy thick yogurt that is incredibly tasty!


Complimentary gift wrapping from Julie Taboulie – our treat!

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Julie Taboulie Yogurt Straining Muslin Bag