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This mother and daughter duo is dynamic and deliciously delightful in our cooking show series special segment

“Mama’s Glorious Garden.” Throughout the series audiences are affectionately introduced to Julie Taboulie’s number one person of her inspiration, Mama, and her number one place of her inspiration, “Mama’s Glorious Garden.”


As a special guest gardener, chef, and co-hostess, Mama meets and greets Julie in her gorgeous garden and grounds where it’s all about growing and gardening galore and more! Mama and Julie instantly attract attention appealing to audiences through their interesting ideas and interactions and enlightening exchanges on extraordinary elements throughout the gar- den. This series special segment showcases Mama sharing her knowledge, know-how, and how-to hands-on horticultures on specialty seeds, unique vegetable varieties, extraordinary herbs and green-thumb gardening tips impressing, inspiring and influencing audiences time and time again.


As one of the most affectionately anticipated areas in the series, audiences have come to absolutely adore, admire and appreciate Mama and her glorious garden! 

Julie Taboulie’s New Cooking Show Series Now Airing Nationwide on Public Television Stations!

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