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Brand New ~ Limited Edition ~ Exclusive


Especially engraved with the Julie Taboulie brand mark makes it a collectible cooking tool to treasure for years to come.


The Julie Taboulie Custom Cutting Board is based on the same beautiful board as seen on her hit TV show! Since, Julie Taboulie started her culinary journey nearly ten years ago she has been using one unbelievable board. This undeniably durable board has served Julie incredibly well over the years of her culinary career, logging in countless hours of preparation as a professional and top chef in her field. From chopping, cutting, slicing and dicing to carving and serving, her end-grain custom-made cherry cutting board has done it all and much more. There are two things Julie knows she can always count on for a winning recipe; one is her right hand, Mama, and the other is her incredible end-grain custom cutting board!


Bring Julie Taboulie’s Signature Board Home Today!

Julie Taboulie End-Grain Custom Cutting Board, Maple

  • Julie Taboulie’s Custom Cutting Board is not only breathtakingly beautiful but undeniably durable. This custom board is handcrafted by skilled artisans to the highest quality standards from sustainably harvested solid maple, cherry or black walnut hardwoods in Upstate New York. This solid end-grain board boasts a vibrant, rich and natural end-grain pattern that makes each piece extraordinary, you can be confident that no two boards are exactly the same. The end-grain construction is carefully crafted by assembling the ends together. The result reveals the rich natural beauty of the wood and an exquisite end-grain pattern that protects the sharpest blades, provides strength and stability while in use and stamina to last over a longer period of time. Simply display on your counter top, island, or harvest table when not in use.


    Julie Taboulie’s Custom Cutting Board stands the test of time…

    Take it home to your kitchen today!

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