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Especially engraved with the Julie Taboulie brand mark makes it a collectible cooking tool to treasure for years to come.


The Julie Taboulie Mediterranean Cookie Mold, also called a Maamoul Mold or “Taabeh” in Lebanese, is a traditional hand-carved and hand-held wooden cookie mold that has been used for centuries in Lebanon, the Middle East, and Mediterranean regions to make and bake authentic cookies called Maamoul. These melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies are shaped with a signature cookie mold, stuffed with a walnut, date or pistachio nut filling then dusted with granulated, confectioners’ sugar or sometimes left plain to show off the special design imprinted on the cookie. The size and shape of the cookie mold signifies the stuffing, making each mold a truly one-of-a-kind baking tool. The signature and scrumptious stuffed butter cookie is customarily prepared during the holiday season such as, Easter and Christmas, but you can always make these moist melt-in-your mouth butter cookies all-year round!

Julie Taboulie Mediterranean Cookie Mold, Set of 2

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