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"Sharing spiritual nourishment from the inside - out!"
Faithfully yours, Julie Taboulie


Take a leap of faith with Julie’s fresh and flavorful meat-free recipes for mouthwatering
Mediterranean meatless meals that will replenish your soul this Lenten season ~ Lebanese style!

Lent~ The Lebanese Way!


As a woman of faith and devout Lebanese Maronite Catholic, I look forward to the Lenten Season, six weeks focused on my faith and fasting for forty days leading up to Jesus’ Resurrection and Easter Sunday. As Maronite’s we celebrate Ash Monday or Clean Monday (Levantine societies), and of course in the Latin Church (Western Societies), Ash Wednesday signals the start of the Lenten Season.


Traditionally, the Maronite Catholic Church, asks Lebanese Catholics to fast daily from midnight until noon, and abstinence from meat and dairy products for those in good health. Sundays are not considered days of fast or abstinence. My Lenten food journey begins with following this religious tradition and I feel my best when I replenish my body with plenty of fresh lemon water, herbal teas, wholesome foods, and natural clean ingredients that I create into beautiful, nutritious and delicious meatless meals!


“The Great Fast” inspires me to filter out impurities and become even more mindful (then I already am!) of the types of foods that I choose to feed my body. Personally, I enjoy this purifying process of sacrifice, self-reflection, and spiritual renewal which ultimately leads me to a special place of peace through prayer. Simplifying my life; mind, body and soul.


This spiritual season, I’m sharing some of my traditional Lebanese recipes that have been gracing my family’s Lenten table for centuries – some dishes dating back to biblical times! These seasonal star meals will satisfy your spirit, benefit your body and soothe your soul.


My Lebanese recipes that I have personally selected for you are inspired from the early signs of spring that magically grow in Mama’s Glorious Garden! Some of the first sightings that I see sprout up from the newly thawed ground are spring onions, green garlic, chives, and spearmint that together makes me hop around into my happy dance.


These sensational spring herbs are some of my kitchen must-haves this season for super-fresh foods that will delight your family and friends! As you know, I absolutely love my fresh herbs and I cook generously with them to create my refreshing recipes. I use herbs as a main ingredient rather than an afterthought, finishing touch or garnish to finished dishes, and I encourage you to do the same when following my recipes to achieve maximum flavor and favorable results!


My Mediterranean recipes are made with plant-based proteins (pulses; beans, lentils and peas), satisfying starches – potatoes and long grain rice, whole grains and greens, fresh fish and seafood, healthy herbs, garlicky goodness, freshly squeezed lemon juice (my favorite!), healthy fats of pure olive oil, and simple preparations to provide you with spiritual nourishment from the inside – out!  

Whether you are observing Lent and refraining from the consumption of meat for forty days during this most Holy season, you opt for “Meatless Meals on Mondays,” or perhaps you are simply just trying to follow a more Mediterranean plant-based lifestyle, than my mouthwatering meatless recipes are made just for you! For those of you who are already plant-based eating as a pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan than you’ll love enhancing your meat-free life with my “fresh is best” recipes that will perfectly fit into your meal planning. Either way, my meatless, nutritious and delicious recipes are to the rescue for you this holy season and for healthy living all year long!


Wishing you a beautiful, beneficial and blessed Lent season ~ Lebanese style!


Yours truly,

Julie Taboulie


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Kibbeh Batata

potato, bulgur, and herb spread



Kibbet Raheb

lemony lentil and swiss chard soup with bulgur wheat bites

soups & stews 



chickpea, potato and bulgur patties

street-food stars


Sitto's Samak Mishwee

grilled red snapper

main meals 

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