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Julie Taboulie & MacKenzie-Childs

“As seen on the stunning kitchen set of Julie’s spectacular cooking show series”

Ever since I was a young girl, I adored the whimsical and wondrous world of MacKenzie-Childs! It was love at first sight as I was instantly captivated by the creativity and charm that captured my heart. The distinct designs, playful patterns and cheerful colors brought smiles and happiness into my life and joyful feeling while I found myself mesmerized gazing away at MacKenzie-Childs. My delight turned into a dream come true to have the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with MacKenzie-Childs for my new kitchen and set of my national cooking show series. Serendipity! Some things in life are just meant to be…


Simultaneously, this iconic company, had just launched “Parchment Check” a unique collection that is simplicity at its finest, fabulously sophisticated yet understated at the same time, and most of all, warm and welcoming making you feel right at home. It was inspiring to me and displayed everyday elegance, exactly what I was wishing for! This lovely line is a beautiful blend of parchment, taupe, gold, and a touch of aqua, that together made these subtle hues hit all of the high notes for my vision in decorating my Mediterranean style themed kitchen into truly something special. My MacKenzie-Childs creative collaboration commenced and the Julie Taboulie Lebanese Kitchen was brought to life! Today, I am thrilled to invite you to shop some of the most popular and some of the most requested products from my special selections. I have personally hand-picked each and every item that you see on my show from this positively perfect Parchment Check Collection!


Plus, I have especially selected some more MacKenzie-Childs collections that I absolutely adore such as the flourishing Flower Market Collection, the regal Royal Collection, and of course the classic Courtly Check Collection that started it all!


Check back often as I’ll also be featuring some of my other favorite collections and showcasing my must-have selections for each season! I’m so happy to share the whimsical and wondrous world of MacKenzie-Childs with all of you.


Cheers to bringing joy to the world with Julie Taboulie & MacKenzie-Childs!


Sending smiles,

Julie Taboulie

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Parchment Check Collection


Flower Market Collection

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