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Brand New ~ Limited Edition ~ Exclusive


Especially engraved with the Julie Taboulie brand mark makes it a collectible cooking tool to treasure for years to come.


The Julie Taboulie Mediterranean Squash Corer, also called a Kousa Corer or “Ma’warra” in Lebanese, is a traditional vegetable tool that has been specifically designed and used for centuries to core, clean, and easily remove the inside pulp and seeds of Mediterranean specialty squash by the same name, called Kousa. Today, Julie Taboulie brings old word culinary tools to modern day Mediterranean cooking with her custom-made squash corer.


Complimentary gift wrapping from Julie Taboulie – our treat! We’re happy to offer complimentary gift wrapping. Whether you are gifting to yourself or giving to someone else, our thoughtful gesture makes your gift that much more special to receive.

Julie Taboulie Mediterranean Squash Corer, Olive Wood, Stainless Steel Blade

  • The Julie Taboulie Mediterranean Squash Corer, is a versatile vegetable tool that is key in Mediterranean cooking. Custom created with the home cook to the professional chef in mind, Julie Taboulie’s Mediterranean Squash Corer is custom-made with care from solid olive-wood and a stainless-steel blade to create the most proficient product possible. This multipurpose custom corer is the only cooking tool that you will ever need in your kitchen to quickly, efficiently, and simply core squash, zucchini, eggplants, apples and more to make a myriad of fresh stuffed squash, fruit, and vegetable recipes with preparation precision and exceptional performance. Produces first-rate results!

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