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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lebanese Cuisine

Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen
The Public Television Series

Season 1  |  Episode 105

Street Food Star Shawarma

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Shawarma Lahem

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Julie is serving up her street food star supreme sandwich, Shawarma! Succulent, spicy, saucy and shaved off a rotisserie spit, Shawarma is one of Lebanon’s and the Middle East’s most famous street-food sandwiches seen throughout the International and the American street food scene. Translating to “turn” or to “rotate,” Shawarma Lahem is thinly sliced marinated Lamb meat that is roasted and lusciously layered with traditional toppings of caramelized onions and stewed tomatoes called Khoudra Mishwiyeh then topped with tasty and tangy Tahini, a sesame seed sauce sprinkled with an array of fresh herbs. Then, this succulent sandwich is all wrapped up in warm pita bread, making this scrumptious sandwich something that you’ll want to create, make and taste, time and time again. Julie is sharing some of her special tips, tricks and techniques on how to make her signature street food star sandwich right at home so that you can simply re-create her recipes in your very own kitchen and NO rotisserie spit needed! It’s succulent. It’s spicy. It’s saucy. It’s Shawarma. Julie Taboulie’s supreme street food star sandwich!

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Bhar Shawarma Lahem

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Tahini Sauce


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