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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lebanese Cuisine

Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen
The Public Television Series

Season 1  |  Episode 106

Stop & Smell the Roses

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Eish al BolBol

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STOP! And, smell the roses with Julie’s rose water signature scented sweets hailing from Lebanon and the Middle East! Everything is coming up roses on today’s show as Julie brings you along with her as she strolls through beautiful and breathtaking rose gardens that inspires her to come back into her Lebanese kitchen to make and bake some of the most sumptuous rose water infused sweets that her culture is so famously known for. First up is Julie’s Bellawriyeh meaning to “glow” this shredded phyllo dough dessert is delightfully layered with a flavorful pistachio-walnut filling. Followed by her Eish al Bolbol, shredded phyllo dough birds nest shaped sweets topped with pistachios then blissfully baked away until lightly golden brown. Both sweets are finished off with Julie’s signature rose water syrup Ater b Maward, that is subtly sweet, slightly sticky and surprisingly splendid to the senses. Julie’s rose water signature sweets will surely have you stopping to smell the roses and stimulate you to create her sweets for yourself right at home as she simply shows you step-by-step in true Julie Taboulie style.

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In This Episode

Eish al BolBol

In This Episode

Eish al BolBol

In This Episode



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