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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lebanese Cuisine

Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen
The Public Television Series

Season 1  |  Episode 112

My Love Letter to Lebanon

In This Episode

Kibbeh Kbekib

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Julie Taboulie believes that “one dream can the light the world” and her dream to light the world is acting as an ambassador for Lebanese cuisine, culture and customs in America. This selfless mission has been Julie’s journey and lifelong work to spread the light and to spread the love of showcasing, spotlighting and most of all sharing her authentic recipes, special stories, gracious and generous nature by which she warmly welcomes audiences across America into the heart of her home in her Lebanese kitchen. This show is Julie’s love letter to Lebanon, for her homelands hospitality, soaring spirit and resiliency to rise above that lives in Julie’s soul forever. So, what better way to pay tribute to this beautiful and breathtaking country that inspires Julie each and every day than by cooking the national dish of Lebanon itself called Kibbeh! Julie pleasantly prepares and presents Kibbeh three different ways. Kibbeh Nayeh, a Lebanese-style steak tartare delicacy that is undeniably delicious leads this show as she smoothly moves on to making Kibbeh Kbekib, mouthwatering meat pies that are perfect for everyday eating or extraordinary events, along with a vibrant vegetable version for all of her faithful vegetarian viewers called Kibbeh Batata, a potato, bulgur wheat and fresh-herb spread that is simply sensational. Julie’s “TLLC” (Tender Loving Lebanese Care) is thoughtfully infused into each and every dish that she creatively cooks up in her love letter to Lebanon show. Julie may not live in Lebanon but Lebanon lives in her. As Julie exclaims, Ana Bahebak Ya Lebnan ~ “I love you Lebanon!”

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