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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lebanese Cuisine

Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen
The Public Television Series

Season 1  |  Episode 102

It's Taboulie Time

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Join the “Queen of Lebanese Cuisine”, Julie Taboulie, as she pays a special tribute to her namesake dish and her culinary traditions. Throughout this visually vibrant show, Julie takes viewers back to memory lane of her Lebanese heritage and the dishes that she grew up eating ever since she was a young girl at her family’s Lebanese table. It’s tart, it’s tangy and it’s tasty. It’s non-other than Julie Taboulie’s namesake, signature salad, taste-bud-tantalizing Taboulie! Originating in the mountains of Mount Lebanon, this famous dish is known as the “Queen Salata” throughout the land and Julie shares all of her tips, tricks and techniques to make the tastiest Taboulie. Julie also makes a couple trips to Mama’s garden and to her very own herb-garden that Mama especially planted for her to gather all of her fresh ingredients for her recipes. While Julie’s there she happily introduces viewers to her Uncle Dominick to answer their number one question to finally find how she got her stage name. Julie also shares her luscious Lamb kabobs Lahem Mishwee that lead the way along with her Lebanese-style French fries Batata Maqlieh inspired by her Sitto (Julie’s grandmother) that are finished off with an authentic garlic, olive oil and lemon sauce famously called Toum making this show so succulent that viewers will wish there was taste-a-vision!

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